Lesson 2: Maintain client information

One of the most common tasks you will perform will be to either enter all of a new patient’s details into the computer system or update or amend patient’s details that are already within the computer system and then make an appointment for them. These three tasks are very simple to do, what is most important is that you make sure you adhere to not only your place of employment’s Policy and Procedures, but that you also adhere strictly to the National Privacy Policy. A lot of the information that you have to enter is very personal and if it is not handled correctly it may end up being accessed or used by people who do not have authority to use it.

You may also get patients who wish to be treated anonymously. All patients have this right if they choose. If you work in a bulk billing medical practice you will need to adjust your billing procedure to accommodate this patient as you will not be able to bulk bill them if they want to be treated anonymously as this would require their Medicare card. If this instance occurs you will be required to bill them as a private patient, you would not be able to obtain any personal details from them so you may have to treat them like a “cash sale” or a “John Doe” patient. Each practice will have its own set of policies and procedures in relation to this and if at any stage you are unsure on what you need to do you should refer to them or ask your supervisor/practice manager.

If at any stage you have any difficulties trying to access a patient’s information or enter information into a patient’s file you should always check with your supervisor. It may mean that you may not have access to the file or certain areas of that file or there may be a problem with the computer system you are using in which case the supervisor will need to have someone come and look at the system to rectify the problem.