Lesson 4: Remember

Always remember at any time you are looking into a patients account for them make sure you have selected the correct patient details and the correct Medicare item number they are being billed for before you divulge any information.

Whenever you are performing tasks that involve divulging information it is always important to ensure that the information you are giving the patient is correct.  It is absolutely necessary that if at any stage you are unclear on either the information you are about to give out or if you should even be giving out the information that you check with either your supervisor, practice manager, senior staff or check in the policy and procedures manual at your work place.

This will help ensure that;

  • Mistakes are not made
  • You are doing your job correctly
  • Good relationships are maintained with both staff and patients
  • Legislation is complied with


  • Tasks are unevenly numbered
  • I was logged out several times navigating between pages and tasks